The exterior of the new Smart Energy House at Farmingdale State College.

The Home of the Future is Sustainable, Efficient, and Smart

5 thoughts on “The Home of the Future is Sustainable, Efficient, and Smart

  1. I think its a great idea of how you can add more value to your home. We can call it a “smart home”. Loved this concept and I will definitely try to upgrade my home accordingly. Looking forward to such amazing posts.

  2. They failed to mention in the story that the underline reason to build this home on campus was so that FSC can receive a grant from the Government each year. FSC needed this to match the requirements to get this grant of undisclosed money. This is a great example of an entity profiting off of something that should be morally satisfying.

  3. We recently bought a Nest thermostat—just one small step on the way to a sustainable house like this one— but we love how it helps us monitor and adjust our usage. I’d love to get an elliptical that would charge our Apple devices. That would be cool.

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