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There Are Ways to Successfully Combat Stress in College

2 thoughts on “There Are Ways to Successfully Combat Stress in College

  1. These tips are fantastic! I especially agree with # 2 about regular sleep and meals. When I teach my students, my first suggestion has always been to sleep at least eight hours a day and eat/drink regular meals throughout the day. Sometimes they shrug it off and decide take it very lightly, but any student with the desire to learn needs to embrace the importance of taking care of the human body. Without sleep and then nourishment, your body will not make it to class as balanced and energized as it should be to reduce incoming stress! Thank you for this well-written post Julia!

  2. Those tips sound really easy to execute but sometimes they are hard to follow. I use one technique when I want to combine studying and relaxing. It’s a well-known fact that cleaning can help you reduce stress and keep you in a good mental health. I usually read my lectures and after that, I start cleaning around the house while talking to myself. It may sound little crazy but it really helps. Try asking yourself different questions and answering them while cleaning.

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