What’s the Best Time To Do Laundry? A Statistical Examination

8 thoughts on “What’s the Best Time To Do Laundry? A Statistical Examination

  1. It seems about right what the author says about most students doing their laundry on Fridays and Sundays. I find it to be true also because there are a lot of people at the laundromat of my college apartment that are there on those days. I myself also go there during those days and mainly because it’s the end of the week.

  2. Nobody would do their laundry on a Friday night. Instead most students would prefer to rest instead of doing a number of household chores. The best decision in situations likes these is making a checklist and doing tasks one by one. This way you won’t have a ton of household work at the end of the week.

  3. Really helpful info! When I was a student I usually left some jobs like doing the laundry for the last minute .. or the last pair of clean socks. I’m not proud of it but it seems that everybody tend to leave this chore for the last moment. Really helpful info for making plans and planning your time schedule more efficiently. Also, my advice is to plan your laundry for the day that you are doing a thorough cleaning in your room so you don’t forget about it and feel it like a hard task.

  4. I always did my laundry on Sunday because that was my day for sitting in my PJ’s and going to church. Living in an area with lots of church goers, I would through my laundry in our apartment laundromat on my way to church, and it was always open. When I got home, I would throw them in the drier, and that’s when other people started showing up to do theirs.

  5. That’s very interesting. I always thought Tuesdays would be least busiest days for such activities. And don’t you find it funny if many people see this post things around can change.

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