Mascot Madness finals - Stony Brook vs Geneseo

Mascot Madness 2016 – The Finals

17 thoughts on “Mascot Madness 2016 – The Finals

  1. I am so relieved that this is over. Now maybe I can get some work done but first I have to clean out my Inbox.

  2. I keep trying to vote for Wolfie but it keeps on saying that my confirmation email went to a geneseo email.

  3. Voting is throwing up errors – I tried to vote and got a response saying “[email protected]” has already voted.” I’m trying to vote for Geneseo! This has happened three times with three different emails each time.

    1. Thank you for letting us know. If you still haven’t been able to vote we suggest you delete your cookies and try again. Also, for some reason these issues are far more frequent from a mobile device. A vote from a laptop may be a better bet.

  4. I put in my email address and it put up a message saying it sent it the confirmation to a different email address

  5. And I just realized that the title above the vote panel says Final Four, not Finals 🙂

  6. I am unable to vote every 12 hours. I voted by 10am this morning and it is now11:20pm, yet I get a message that a vote has already been submitted. I tried using a different computer, but I still receive the same message..

  7. Why is my vote not being accepted? It says I voted already! Voting just began a few minutes ago!

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