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Ask An Expert: What Do I Need To Know About Staying Secure On Social Media?

4 thoughts on “Ask An Expert: What Do I Need To Know About Staying Secure On Social Media?

  1. Do not allow third-party apps to run while using your social media accounts.
    Always log out of all your finance apps before logging into social media platforms.
    Do not accept any unknown friend request, especially if the account of the other person was created within a few days before.

  2. Important Tips:
    1. Do not download any links that suddenly shows up in front of you.
    2. Do not click on highlighted images on unknown websites.
    3. Always try to log out of all your bank accounts on your phone before you go surfing the internet.

    In these ways, you will be able to Stay Secure while using the internet.

  3. Strong and frequently changed passwords mentioned by Dr. Sanjay Goel is good and very basic decision for online security but not the fundamental one. The fundamental approach against hackers and scam is secure internet connection provided from a) internet provider; b) hoster and c) user’s gadget. There are 3 essential things you should use when surfing Internet nowadays or buying something online (especially!): 1. Check the website for https protocol; 2. Use strong VPN for your Internet connection encryption; 3. Never save passwords, personal info (name, email, adress, etc) and credit card information in your browser’s cookie and cache, message drafts or аutofill forms.

  4. Does this Digital Forensics Program require strong programming knowledge to pursue if so which platform i should be skilled with? Is this different from regular ethical hacking programs?

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