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Grab Some Popcorn – It’s Our Summer Movie Guide

2 thoughts on “Grab Some Popcorn – It’s Our Summer Movie Guide

  1. Thank you for these awesome movies list. I have listed some of my Favorite Shows on Netflix, hope you will enjoy them too:
    – Dexter (Seasons available: 1-8)
    – Arrested Development (Seasons available: 1-4)
    – Black Mirror (Seasons available: 1-3)
    – Freaks and Geeks (Seasons available: 1)
    – The Twilight Zone (Seasons available: 1-5)
    – Friends (Seasons available: 1-10)
    – Firefly (Seasons available: 1)
    – Sherlock (Seasons available: 1-4)
    – Breaking Bad (Seasons available: 1-5)


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