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Process Politics: Analyzing the Campaign Season Through the Conventions

One thought on “Process Politics: Analyzing the Campaign Season Through the Conventions

  1. I think this election should be terminated. The two candidates disqualified. (for obvious reasons). The election should happen next year. Two new candidates should me chosen by the parties and they should be thoroughly investigated for qualification into the position and be given the rest of the year to run their campaign. I think they should run on the issues and not be allowed to bring personal information of either party into the campaign. I think the present president (if he would be kind enough to do so) should remain in office and the country should allow him to extend his term for one year so this situation can be rectified. It is my opinion that nobody will be satisfied with the outcome of this election regardless of which way it ends and we will have great disunity and chaos in this country for many years to come. Think of the children people. Just a thought.

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