Students participate in an Archeological Dig at Geneseo during the Rochester Young Scholars Academy.

Digging Up History From 6,000 Years Ago

3 thoughts on “Digging Up History From 6,000 Years Ago

  1. STEM is an essential part of any curriculum of education and these sort of hands-on training will go a long way in teaching the kids about the same. Great initiative!

  2. It is a great initiative taken by SUNY to educate high school students on the basics of science and technology. Students will get to learn a lot from these hands-on training and use this knowledge in future studies. Also, it’s a great way of creating interest among students on various aspects of STEM.

  3. Wow, a student dig teams discovered the base of a dart head on the Geneseo campus from the Brewerton Age.That is amazing. Very interesting program, definitely useful in developing one’s critical thinking skills. Thanks for sharing. It was a good read.

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