A Message to the SUNY Community on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

4 thoughts on “A Message to the SUNY Community on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

  1. May I suggest we spend LESS time trying to fix the world & instead spend MORE time fixing Ourselves, Individually, In our own personal lives.

    If we spend less time trying to fix the world and more time fixing ourselves, the world will become a better place by default.

  2. Thank you for MLK’s words of togetherness and hope. We accomplished a lot together and deep in my heart, I still believe that we shall continue to overcome. Rest in Peace MLK knowing we shall carry on your legacy for all people.

  3. It was Jefferson who said, “…. a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical”. (to James Madison, Paris, January 30, 1787)
    The good that could come out of this election is to cause our efforts to redouble and refocus on what is important- the legitimacy and care for those least able to care for themselves society as the true measure of our humanity.

  4. Our nation needs to read this again and try to amend its ways. There is too much upheaval, and people are rising up in protest.

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