Deirdra Kearns, Farmingdale State alum, sits at a drawing table.

From Challenges to College Success, A Student Works To Pay It Forward

4 thoughts on “From Challenges to College Success, A Student Works To Pay It Forward

  1. Thank You Deirdra and Congratulations! You are an inspiration! It is easy to give up, but you didn’t. I know you will help another with similar circumstances, as someone who has been there. I will miss seeing you at Farmingdale. I hope you will visit.

  2. I went to middle school and high school with Deirdra (aka DeeDee). I knew of her problematic home life and everything in between. She was always a outgoing and fun girl to be around. She was one of my really good friends during that time. She always looked at the positives in life, and gave more than she actually had. From her positive demeanor, you wouldn’t expect her to live this life of turmoil. I knew she would succeed in anything she did, especially art. Dee was always drawing something. Seeing this article on the front page of Farmingdale’s website made me smile. She deserves all of the credit. Her hard work and determination is what everyone should look up to.

  3. I briefly met of Deirdra Kearns ’17, when she was raising funds for “Pay It Forward” by selling wristbands and other takeaways in the Campus Center of Farmingdale State College. Her strong enthusiasm and commitment for this project was evident to me, and to anyone who stopped to speak with her. And, yes, I bought a wristband, worn as a laurel by Socrates in my office (seen in my blog,

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