2019 New York Champion Chika Brown performing at Poetry Out Loud Championship.

Experience The Passion For Poetry At A Campus Near You

One thought on “Experience The Passion For Poetry At A Campus Near You

  1. When I think of the future of poetry, I feel myself a little bit hopeless. Poetry is weak against all contemporary fast-food craziness. In this new era, everything is consumed so fast, so rapidly. Social media and internet is killing poetry and poems. Young people do not have enough patient ant tolerance to read and understand poems like before. Maybe the world is changing and poetry should change and it adapt itself to this crazy, new era.

    100 years ago, poets were like movie stars or rock stars of today. They were very popular among different circles and reciting a poem was like an ultimate art form. Now, there are many competitors of poems like movies, TV, social media, internet. While poetry should be above all and poets should use these means of communication, we see less and less time that is allocated to poetry in these mediums. That is why it is so important that universities uphold poetry and put it a high place. Congratulations for your sincere efforts.

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