SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras talks with students inside a conference room.

Students Take on Vax Challenge to Show Readiness for Campus Life To Return This Fall

3 thoughts on “Students Take on Vax Challenge to Show Readiness for Campus Life To Return This Fall

  1. Due to the circumstances that have occurred, the lives of all the people of the world have been disrupted and a series of problems have been encountered, as well as students.
    That really needs to be sorted out so that they can think well about education

  2. It’s nice to see things getting back to normal. My children have classes again without any restrictions – except the obligation to wear a mask. However, I fear that things will be different again as the incidence increases.

  3. The pandemic has a dire impact on education systems, and millions of students’ education was disrupted by the Covid -19. The continued operation of schools in a safe environment is utmost important for the safer health of the students and faculties and stopping the spread of the pandemic. This can only be possible if all students and staffs are vaccinated. SUNY schools #30DayVaxChallenge is worth commending, which is the only option for high-quality education in a safe environment. The students should also take the initiative and get vaccinated to create a safer atmosphere inside and outside schoolrooms, and school.

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