Zimpher: We do not have a system of public education in this country

2 thoughts on “Zimpher: We do not have a system of public education in this country

  1. 100% agree. And I would add: if you are interested in connecting the dots between elementary, middle, high school and college, get the federal government to issue FERPA regulations that allow schools to keep track of their alumni as interested parties. There is no potential harm, and the effect is to create the opportunity for kids in traditionally underserved communities–who have the least access to a social safety net and a professional peer culture–to be supported in a manner that wealthier kids take for granted.

  2. Dear Chancellor Zimpher,

    Many of those 40–50% of "unprepared" kindergartners, and then 3rd and 4th grade "drop-outs" are struggling readers. They need to be able to play and socialize in kindergarten, and be exposed to pre-reading activities, plus early math activities such as blocks and cooking! (What better grounding for learning fractions later on!) Then they need the specialized reading help that "Response to Intervention" is supposed to provide, but that is currently not being adequately provided in NYS, and not at all in NYC. See my article on this subject at

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