SUNY Mascot Madness – Final Four

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  1. I’m a Seawolf! Started as a Patriot and when we made the move to D- I we changed our mascot. I was a writer and assistant sports editor for the Statesman. That was a fun time, and even more of a fun time as an Alumnus of the school. Proud to see my Seawolves in the College World Series last year!

    It’s a shame I can’t umpire their softball team when they come south to get their games in! The only downfall of being an alumnus.

    Go Wolves! Kick Tail Wolfie!

  2. NEW PALTZ in da house!!! Hawks vs SeaDogs in the Final… SeaWolf, whatever… NO such thang! GO Hawks!!! Root and VOTE for the Hawks to take down SB!!!

      1. Although SB is also a great school, many SB students get rejected from Bing. We are the elite SUNY. Get at our level.

        & About the mascot thing, Within 15 minutes, SB surpassed us and brought 400 votes out of no where.

        Something is fishy there, seawolves.

        1. Has anyone here ever even seen a bearcat or a seawolf? not that intimidating…. almost as intimidating as a ram… Just sayin’

          1. I dunno man, google image search “seawolf fish”…those teeth are pretty intimidating if you ask me

  3. New Paltz was trailing by 100 votes about 40 minutes ago and now their up by 100. Something fishy is going on here.

    1. not at all. people have been posting the hell out of it and the more people know the more we vote. NP has a lot of pride, that’s all.

    1. The Seawolf was said to be a mythical creature from the Tlingit tribe which brought good luck to those able to see it…but if you ask any Stony Brook student,”What’s a Seawolf?” The reply would be, “I’m a Seawolf!!!!!!”

      GO WOLFIE!

  4. Damian Dane is the best!!! He even won the NCAA mascot tournament! He is better than the rest! SUNY Albany all the way

    1. The option to vote is not there because someone voted on that computer or wifi already. You need to chg your computer or wifi to vote. Some people tried to vote on their phone, but had to switch to 4G because they couldn’t vote using the school’s wifi.

      The vote button should be underneath the results.

      1. Didn’t vote yet and everyone uses the same school WiFi. This sucks because I know a lot of people are having the same problem. Definitely affected the votes.

  5. What’s a Bearcat? Is it a Bear? Is it a cat? Is it some freaky hybrid?
    Seriously though, pick one. You can’t have both.
    What’s a Seawolf?
    I’M A SEAWOLF!!!!!

      1. A seawolf is a real thing, it may not look like Wolfie but it does exist.


  6. Wolfie all the way! Have you seen the crazy things Wolfie can do?
    He has more spirit than the other 3 mascots combined!!!!!!
    And so now I must ask:

  7. During orientation, I fell down the stairs. Baxter helped me up and asked if I was OK.
    You go BAXTER!! Bearcats FTW!

      1. Speaking isn’t the only form of communication. Signaling works too! Don’t jump to conclusions, wolf.

    1. I love Wolfie because he was so kind to my son! He must have seen something in my son that he needed a hug, and stayed with my son as he walked along campus, trying to hug him! He brought so much joy to our family, because we laugh hysterically whenever we talk about Wolfie!

      1. Because we’re not especially well known for our athletics or school spirit. Plus we’re not that big. But thats just my take 🙂

  8. Wolfie is leaps and bounds the best mascot in this competition. He is one of the best on the east coast as well

    1. New Paltz has the best mascot but needs a Football program! What’s going on here?

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