Binghamton Students Build a House for Themselves

8 thoughts on “Binghamton Students Build a House for Themselves

  1. The inside is gorgeous. Will you post a photo of the exterior and setting?

    There is a very small house on the Westside on Seminary Ave, and it looks just awful, especially in its urban setting. The construction looks shoddy, the yard is not attended to, and it looks way out of character. None of this had to be. It could’ve been beautiful, perhaps built to resemble a carriage house.

    If you are on a rural lot, there are many more options.

    I applaud you for living smaller… Reducing your carbon footprint on our earth. Thank you.

  2. It is so cool to see young people doing great things like this! I can’t believe they were able to put together all the electrical work and plumbing! I have worked as a San Diego plumber for my entire life and home plumbing can get very confusing. Props to them for figuring it out!

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