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10 SUNY Campuses Named Nation’s Top “Green” Colleges for 2014

Ten SUNY campuses have been named top “Green Colleges” by the Princeton Review for 2014 in collaboration with the Center for Green Schoo...

Computer Interprets Human Emotion Better Than Humans

If anybody was still doubting the advent of artificial intelligence, researchers may now prove that they’re faking reluctance. Scientists have f...

‘SUNY EduTram’ to Revolutionize Inter-Campus Transportation (UPDATE)

[slideshow_deploy id=’18402′]   SUNY today announced that it will begin development of the ‘SUNY EduTram’, an innovative ...

Future Cities Lit by Beautiful Bioluminescent Trees

A laboratory at Stony Brook University, working with designer Dann Roosegaarde, has developed a glowing plant by merging luciferin–which is the...

Expert: 80% Likelihood That 2015 May Be Warmest on Record

It is very likely that an unusually intense El Niño will headline the summer 2014 season–and because of that, make 2015 the warmest year on Ea...