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New Partnerships Bring New Opportunities To Support SUNY’s Got Your Back

As of 2020, the SUNY’s Got Your Back initiative has fully taken off to not only garner support from our 64 campuses, but in collaborations with ...

A Walk Around the World to Promote Healthy Relationships

According to the One Love Foundation, an organization whose mission is to end relationship abuse through educating young people about healthy and unhe...

Efforts That Support and Help Victims of Sexual Assault Are Increasing

We’ve seen a rising tide of change come about recently in regards to sexual assault and violence response. From movements like #MeToo and #Times...

10,000 Bags and an Overwhelming Level of Support for SUNY’s Got Your Back

A pillar of the Power of SUNY is our commitment to New Yorkers and communities across the state. Our students, faculty, and staff work hard to improve...

A Growing Partnership Will Tee Off Again To Support Sexual Assault Victims in NY

2016 saw the start of the SUNY’s Got Your Back campaign to support victims of sexual and interpersonal violence throughout New York State. In co...