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Research is Ready To Lead Us Into The Deep Tech Future

In 1947, when the first transistor was invented, it did not generate overwhelming excitement. As scientifically novel as it was, little did the world ...

A New Online Learning Series Will Teach You About Blockchain, the Future of the Internet

Cryptocurrency, the secure financial transaction technology that is taking the world by storm, is all over the news. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightcoin, the...

5 Ways Technology Has Changed in the 2000s

Ten years ago many of us who are in college now were still kids in elementary or middle school. A lot has changed since then-and pretty rapidly too. C...

Plug In to Some New Tech for Success in College

With the constant advances in technology, it can be hard to keep up with the latest gadgets on the market, especially with a college budget. However, ...

Alfred State’s Information Security Team Puts Their Cyber Defense Skills to the Test

This January, Alfred State’s Information Security Team competed in the prestigious Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NECCDC) qualifyi...