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A New Online Learning Series Will Teach You About Blockchain, the Future of the Internet

11 thoughts on “A New Online Learning Series Will Teach You About Blockchain, the Future of the Internet

  1. Nice blog , Useful course to learn about block chain. Today , one of major issue is the security, personal information should be kept safe and blockchain does that really well. This is a game changer, hopefully we will be using it everywhere in the coming years.

  2. “Cryptocurrency is rapidly becoming more mainstream in an online transaction, and soon more services will arise…”
    This sentence does instantly get us all excited for whatever is coming next. The article is a constructive and informative piece, short and simple which will definitely help numerous individuals to genuinely perceive how it all started and the current market position of the multiple cryptocurrencies.
    Bitcoin marked the promising beginning of a modern era in the always stable monetary system, with cryptography, smart contacts, and digital signatures ruling the online transactions.
    However disruptive the market may deem this newest development, by now, we all can perceive the imperative necessity of such a secured and private financial system.

    1. The blockchain technology, a revolution in the form of cryptocurrency which successfully performing such as crypto major Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Like finance sector blockchain technology is all set to bring revolution in other sectors such as health, supply chain, voting etc sectors where blockchain technology is being implemented. The future of block chain technology seems better as it can reduce lot of paper work and work force.

  3. the advancement of Blockchain technology is unquestionably dispelling all the doomsayers. Blockchain will support a large variety of applications. The foremost renowned is cryptocurrency like Bitcoins and Ethereum. Blockchain applications embody any business transaction. For example; Business order following, offer chain, Banking, and Finance, E-learning, Healthcare, on-line searching portals, Insurance, Travel, Music, Renewable energy, Contract validation so on.

  4. Hi there
    I have a query regarding bitcoin mother crypto currencies. Some people are still saying it to be the future of the internet but when we look at the authority it do not seems they are happy. And there is a reason for it. Most of the Bitcoin transactions is for illegal purposes.
    How crypto is still goin to be the future?

    1. Really? You really believe that most of the Bitcoin transactions are used for illegal purposes? That’s as far from the truth as humanly possible! And even if it was true, with tone on “if”, remember the time when the internet started to take over the world? What a crappy environment that was. All the bad boys and perverts glued on it right away. Illegal activities, the dark net, silk road, you name it. And here we are today!, should we not accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency anymore because the bad boys are using it too? And what about money as you know it? That’s what the bad boys used and are still using, before Bitcoin. And last but not least, today, your money is nothing else than digital currency. How you pay your rent? Your electricity bill? Your phone bill? It’s all digital. No ‘real’ money is exchanged. The disadvantage of the current system is alone that you have to pay a third party (your bank) to do the transaction. As more people are getting interested in not paying a third party for their transactions anymore, the better the future of Bitcoins and other coins will look. Wouldn’t you agree?

        1. Blockchain technology has a better security because there is not even a single chance of shutting down of the system. Even the highest level of the financial system are subject to get hacked. Bitcoin in the second hand had never been hacked. the reason is that the blockchain network is secured by a number of computers called nodes and these nodes confirm the transaction on this network.

      1. Bitcoin is glorious but darkweb is ruining its reputation. It is currently the official currency of darkweb. People now confidently buy drugs and guns online, knowing they are totally untraceable. However, just as you mentioned about the coming of the internet, most good things usually start off on a rough patch. Let’s hope that time will fix all these abnormalities of Bitcoin.

    2. all things have two sides as well as technology that can have a positive and negative impact, maybe in the future blockchain technology will also grow by thinking of solutions to your concerns.

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