10 Ways SUNY Impacts America

One thought on “10 Ways SUNY Impacts America

  1. It’s typical of our incredible focus on STEM and science and economic development, that the 10 wonderful facts ignore the following the SUNY contributions by SUNY alums in the arts: Renee Fleming, one of the great opera stars of our time, and Cindy Sherman, an important and influential artist. NOTE. Both graduated from comprehensive colleges: you don’t need to be from a university center to receive a truly great education and do truly great things.

    As for my own institituion, as an example: (1) Ted McKee, chief judge on the US Court of Appeals, 3rd circuit, and often rumoured (at least in past years) as a possible supreme court appointee; (2) Ann Dunwoody: first woman to become a full general in the US military.
    Go SUNY!

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