Alumni Profile: Wendy Staub

4 thoughts on “Alumni Profile: Wendy Staub

  1. There are so many wonderful colleges & universities available to students today. But you don’t have to look further than our own backyard to find one of the best right here at Fredonia State University. My wife and daughters all graduated from Fredonia and have all been extremely successful in their fields. I’m so proud of all of them, and yes it’s true we had to force my daughter Wendy to continue with college, but she is so much better a writer, & person for having received her education at SUNY Fredonia. Thank you Fredonia for helping mold & shape her into one fantastic individual. Her proud Pop.

  2. Wendy–we are so proud to have contributed, and so grateful that you give us such credit. We know it’s you who makes such excellent and successful books, but we’re glad to be part of the rich mix of your career.
    Mac Nelson, SUNY Fredonia English Department

  3. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments Wendy, thru all of your hard work and dedication your dreams continue to come thru. I am really happy and proud of you.

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