Texting While Walking

Texting While Walking Can Be More Dangerous Than Distracted Driving

6 thoughts on “Texting While Walking Can Be More Dangerous Than Distracted Driving

  1. Like driving under the influence of alcohol, education and pleas failed, but enforcement has worked. Texting while driving is a larger day-to-day risk to life than terrorism and gun violence combined. The enforcement of the laws, and application of penalties, are both needed.

  2. I don’t why people use their smartphone while on road this is so dangerous I just wanna say its your life and distracting 1 sec on road can make a big difference. be safe while you are walking or driving on road.

  3. People don’t realize that technology can make us very unaware of our surroundings, whether we are driving or walking. Texting engulfs us into the conversation, instead of what’d going on around us. I like the video!

  4. I think there is no need for a new technology for this, just like what the video says just stand on one side in order to stay away from walking crowds or just do it on a subway or bus.

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