Should Live Off Campus DUring College

The Benefits of Living Off Campus During College

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  1. You made a good point that having quality time with friends is one of the best reason to live outside of the campus when taking college courses. I’m currently planning to take a second degree soon in order to expand my resume. Perhaps living in a loft apartment would be a fun experience since I’ve never lived in apartment before.

  2. I think students who don’t live on campus at least their freshman year really miss out, but at least for me, by the end of sophomore year I was really tired of communal living. I was tired of sharing a room with someone, I was tired of not having access to a kitchen and being at the mercy of school dining hall and then fraternity house cooks. I was tired of one person on my hall getting a nasty cold or flu meaning only a matter of days before I and everyone else on the floor was sick. I was tired of prank fire alarms. I was tired of being kept awake at midnight on a Tuesday night by morons in the rec room screaming like they just won the World Cup every time they scored a point on the foosball table. Apartment living in college was a nice transition to prepare me for life after college.

  3. Off-campus housing indeed gives a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes, it may be a bit more difficult to find the apartment, but anyway, with the vast variety of platforms like or craigslist, a modern student should not have any issues.

  4. I appreciate what you said about how living off campus can offer college students an idea of the real world and adult life. My daughter is going off to college soon and I think that she should rent an apartment off campus so that she can be more out on her own and not have RAs or other rules to follow. We will have to look around the area for a good apartment. Thanks again for all your advice about living off campus.

    1. I smiled reading your comment.
      Have you tried checking at the advantages of staying in school hostel too?

  5. I like how you mentioned that being able to live off-campus can train our children to be quite the adults since they’ll be able to learn how to cook for food, have the freedom to learn more about responsibility, and have their much-desired privacy. That should be perfect since I trust that I’ve managed to do my part for my twins and now is the time for them to leave the nest. I just hope that I gave them enough guidance for them to be a responsible and worthy addition to the society. I’ll be sure to grant them their wish of freedom upon their graduation from high school. Thanks!

  6. It’s nice how you mentioned that by living off campus you get the opportunity to do what you want without having to worry about roommates or RAs. My son is going to move to college soon and he’s really excited to have this kind of experience. We just hope that he can find a good place to live!

  7. Yeah, absolutely right! These are the main reasons for which university students prefer to live off campus. One of the main reasons from them is freedom. Mostly students leave dorms & move in to off campus so that they can get freedom & there will no one to supervise them.

  8. By choosing off campus housing, students will get lots of benefits like independence, privacy, more space, fewer expenses, fewer distractions, healthy eating, roommate matching, parking& many more. That’s why average of off campus living is increasing day by day.

    1. Well Said. I would also recommend the students to live in off campus. Because of freedom,privacy and also they are extended to their friendship circles.

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