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5 Tips For Staying Healthy In The Winter Months

16 thoughts on “5 Tips For Staying Healthy In The Winter Months

  1. Buckwheat flour contains 70–91% starch depending on the flour types, and the starch consists of 25% amylose and 75% amylopectin. Buckwheat also contains high levels of magnesium which helps relax to blood vessels that improving blood flow. It is high in fiber, protein, niacin, amino acids and vitamin D.!

  2. Great tips fo healthy during the winter months. One thing not mentioned is getting a flu shot. I’ve got them for years and have not been down with the flu once. Proper nutrition can also play a huge role as well. Thanks for the information.

  3. Great article, Taras. Thank you so much for sharing these tips. Drinking plenty of water is the key though. As during winter you might not feel as thirsty as during summer. So, keep yourself hydrated to improve your overall fitness.

  4. I really appreciate your simple tip to wash your hands! My wife told me that she always feels sick in the winter. I will be sure to tell her that she should wash her hands!

  5. Drinking enough water, eating healthy, Avoiding sitting on the same place for prolonged period of time, Keeping your back straight, moderate exercise for atleast 30 mins each day are some tips i believe will help if you are willing to try living a healthy life

  6. OMG – I wish my 9 year old would read this; it’s exactly what I tell him to do, but he seems to not want to listen. Maybe he needs a little wellness coaching while I do mycareer coaching 🙂 Bah!

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