Student looks down and stressed outwith his hand holding his head up in the library.

Tips to Help De-Stress and Manage Your Mental Health

7 thoughts on “Tips to Help De-Stress and Manage Your Mental Health

  1. Massage is also known to improve moods by reducing anxiety and improving sleep quality while increasing energy levels in the body. It has been shown that massage decreases pain perception due to its effect on neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine released during the process which helps reduce inflammation.

  2. I can’t recommend yoga and meditation enough to help battle stress and lift your mood, especially during these dreary New York winter days. Stress can cause so many issues and our society seems to be more worried about productivity and consumption than about our mental health.

    Get out there and enjoy everything life has to offer!

  3. Some of the times stress make people depressed and if people did not success-ed to coming back in this depression then it is very dangerous for peoples health.
    I think above tips are very helpful for managing stress.

  4. Stress degrades the life quality. I believe one should must follow the tips to make sure that they have healthy and stress free life.

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