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How Student Mental Health Services Expand into the Digital

6 thoughts on “How Student Mental Health Services Expand into the Digital

  1. I think teleconsultation is the right choice for a student. Perhaps a student is ashamed to go to a personal appointment, but sitting at his laptop, why not.

  2. It can be very scary and anxiety-provoking to reach out for help with your mental health problems. Telehealth, telementalhealth, teletherapy, and telecounseling are all terms used to mean the same thing: getting access to counseling, online, in your own private space. Time and confidentiality are on the top of the student’s priority list, making going to the counseling center lower on the list of things that need to be done. However, your mental health symptoms can have a profound, long-lasting, and negative effects on your studies, family, and social life.
    Take that first step, reach out for help with a licensed mental health professional. If no one in your immediate area is available, telecounsleing is the next best thing.

  3. Telehealth is a legitimate alternative to face-to-face counseling. Some students may feel self-conscious about seeking help. Online counseling has the potential to reach a lot more students otherwise might not seek help. In addition, a lot of young people today feel more comfortable with technology, and at least initially might be less anxious about the therapeutic process.

  4. I love what you mentioned about telecounseling and how support of the program has grown. Virtual mental health services, like telecounseling, are great because they offer counseling to those who aren’t able to see a psychiatrist in person. If I knew someone that struggled with a debilitating mental illness, I would help them locate a virtual mental health service in order to ensure that they get the best care.

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