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Tips for a Healthy Transition from Student to Working Adult

After years of homework, tests, group projects, and other academic responsibilities, you did it! The finish line is in sight. While we hope you are re...

Addressing the Stress of Competition to Help Make A Healthier Student Athlete

Student athletes face many demands in today’s competitive environment. In addition to the realities of everyday student stressors—whether that...

10 Ways You Can Maximize Your Mental Wellness in College

Mental wellness is a lifelong pursuit to strengthen one’s mental, emotional, social, and psychological status—and college is a great time to e...

Meditation Room Makes Mindfulness a Priority

College – and life in general – can be stressful. Thanks to the new Meditation Room on the SUNY Oneonta campus, students, and employees have a pla...

8 Tips To Help You Adjust to A New Semester On Campus

Following the time off for winter break, transitioning back to a new semester can certainly bring about feelings of anxiety and worry, but it also is ...