SUNY Mascot Madness – Round 1

65 thoughts on “SUNY Mascot Madness – Round 1

  1. Wow Canton’s mascot is the ugliest and dumbest I have ever seen or heard of. Just terrible. The same group must be voting for them over and over.

  2. Mustang pride! As if there was any doubt. Didn’t you guys see the end of Revenge of the Nerds?

  3. Well, SUNY Potsdam’s Max C. Bear may have lost, but he scored more votes than any other mascot (excluding Morrisville) and most brackets combined! We may have lost, but we still did a pretty great job!

    On to the Kangaroo!

  4. MUSTANGS! Obviously the haters are gonna hate- two or three want to eat us and one wants to ride us. Good thing we can’t be corralled!

  5. It’s so awesome to see all the Stumpie support! Talk about school pride 🙂 Go Mighty Oaks! … Stumpies4Life!

  6. Where is the UAlbany Great Danes mascot????!!! C’mon, your most successful (by Conference championships) Division 1 school doesn’t even get on the bracket?

    1. I believe they chose not to participate so Capital District let’s jump on the SUNY Cobleskill Fighting Tiger and Adirondack Timberwolf Bandwagons!!!!!

      1. We reached out to Damian at UAlbany and the Fredonia Blue Devil, but they were not able to participate in this year’s competition. Fingers crossed for next year though!

    1. If you look closer at the bracket, once the suny potsdam/morrisville vote comes in, Then the winner faces off against brockport. So basically brockport has already “won” round 1.

  7. Wow way to leave out Oswego but include CC’s. I mean we don’t have the best mascot but we have the best Logo. Some like Alfred State dont have a picture of a mascot either.

    1. Heck yea. I mean, The ESF “Mighty Oaks” get represented but the “Lakers” don’t? At least we can move!

      1. First of all- what the heck is a Laker? Second of all, acorns play a MUCH more important ecological role than a “Laker” (again, whatever the hell that is). And acorns can move! They have many dispersal agents. I mean Oakie came all the way from England! GO MIGHTY OAKS! GO OAKIE!

  8. The Fighting Tiger Mascot Has Excellent Answers to the Profile Questions!!!!!!!

      1. He definitely is a very sophisticated cat who is excellent at articulating his thoughts.

    1. I know, right? If this is a SUNY mascot bracket, and SUNY has 64 campuses… why not use all 64?

  9. Colleges should be matched up by size at this point to make it more fair (and would not favor my choice, Stony Brook) – but I prefer a fair fight!

    1. I completely agree!!! schools with large populations in theory will beat a smaller school every time because they have more students

      1. Look at UB vs Adirondack…. right now a dead heat. UB has 27000+ student, Adirondack around 4000. And ESF is has nearly doubled up on Delhi, with half the student population

        1. Sadly, this is true, I am a total “wolf” head and we are in no way able to compete against a school the size of Buffalo…we gave it a good run though, proud of our pack!

  10. You should put up the Seawolves logo, not just the SB, to match all the other colleges.

    1. They never should have changed from the Trailblazers….heck they should still be the Frontiersmen!!!

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