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5 Healthy Habits Every Student Can Start This Summer

Summer break is a great time to set new goals! You’ve just finished a hectic semester ridden with sleepless nights, large cups of coffee, and delive...

Stay Fit All Winter (away from snow) With Easy Indoor Exercises

Winter is in full swing in the northeast, but the frigid temperatures and cold weather should not be an excuse to give up on working out. Sure, it may...

Scientifically, 8 Ways Exercising Improves Your Life

Exercising, or working out, has many benefits to a person. Beyond losing weight, there are so many positive effects that regularly going to the gym or...

Working Out Still Isn’t An Excuse to Eat Whatever You Want, Says Study

If you like soft drinks and hard workouts, we’ve got some good news and we’ve got some bad news. The bad news first: Adding just two 20-o...

Research: Personalized Heating System Helps with Weight Loss

Ken McLeod, professor of bioengineering at Binghamton University, has made a practice of thinking outside the box.  Most recently he’s put his inno...