7 SUNY Campuses Named Among Top “Return on Investment”

3 thoughts on “7 SUNY Campuses Named Among Top “Return on Investment”

  1. quality education just like gold . slow moving but will got that payoff at the end of days

  2. Thanks for the information and all the stats for the payscale rankings. Very informative. Just had a few observations regarding the methodology. (my opinions of course).

    1. The rankings are based on summary/averaged out survey responses from employers and not necessarily from all the students on campus.

    2. Payscale or SUNY campuses generally don’t have effective employer assessment instruments in place that aggregate this type of data. For example, at one SUNY campus we service, the assessment of employer data related to new hires and career services is separated. At other SUNY campus that information isn’t even known to the CSO let alone when or where the student is hired.

    3. If PayScale is aggregating say SUNYIT actual tuition charge for 2012 and matching that up with actual new grad salaries, I say that’s great!

    You run the risk of not have correct data when relied on median and averaged out survey data.

    Luke Roopra

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