College at Brockport Closed 23 Years

College Cancels Classes for First Time in 23 Years

9 thoughts on “College Cancels Classes for First Time in 23 Years

  1. I was there in 1991 when they closed for one day for the ice storm. The following day when we had to go back to classes we had to step over power lines to get there but classes were not cancelled again.

  2. Do they have no off campus students at all? Or do they just not care for those students lives? I know Brockport has had storms of equal magnitude sometime in the past 20 years.

    1. You are absolutely correct Rachel. I know because I was there and remember school closing very clearly. This blogger would fit right in with today’s journalists…no fact checking, incorrect reporting, and then refusing to correct the record once the real facts have been presented.

  3. School was cancelled for a day when I attended Brockport also … although that was in the 80’s. Very rare for them to close! Hope the students enjoy the day off!

    1. Reminds me of the blizzard of ’77 when I was there, have fun and stay safe!!


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