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SUNY Mascot Madness 2014 – Finals

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  2. Honestly, the social media sharing makes complete sense. Yes, they weren’t too specific about the details when they first brought up the “bonus” but now have made it much clear. Might I add, bonuses can be a surprise. It happens in all kinds of games. Anyways, we tend to forget that these colleges and universities are businesses. They still run on money. Thus, with us sharing this game on the internet, they get brand marketing in return. Us marketing them gets their name out and high schoolers looking at college’s become exposed to the “SUNY” name. Also, I see it as more of a school spirit task than just voting. You’re actually sharing your schools name and asking others to vote.

  3. Who doesn’t have access to their public library and can’t make a facebook and/or twitter account to help their school get the bonus points?

  4. I think the whole argument between the schools is getting a little out of control. The point of this was to bring schools together for a friendly competition. Though i do think the bonus points shouldn’t have such an impact of the actual number of votes because it much easier to click a button then continuously tweet or share it on Facebook during school hours , besides not everyone has fb or twitter. I just hope this bonus system wont be around for next year’s competition. All I can say is goodluck to bing and brockport 🙂 ,

  5. Has everyone life really changed because of social media being a part of the final four mascots? I’m thinking not. Relax people…it’s not the end of the world.

  6. The Bonus points were not explained in how much they were worth or how to obtain them. If sharing on Facebook or Twitter was the methods to gain these bonus points, then it is still unfair for those who do not have a Facebook or Twitter. Also, the amount that these points would add to the votes was unclear and so it gave a false sense of assured victory to the New Paltz students who saw that SUNY New Paltz had a lead of 8%, almost 2,000 votes. This was an unfair round in this competition and it did not allow SUNY New Paltz to fully show their school spirit due to the fact that we, here at SUNY New Paltz, believed that we were in the lead and successfully defending our title. I hope that at the least, this issue won’t be present next year, to make the competition more fair.

    1. Every 1 Facebook or Twitter “share” from this page that brings an additional supporter to SUNY Mascot Madness will add 1 bonus point! … You only get a bonus point if someone votes from the post that you tweet or share on FB, not that you tweet or post it on FB. So if I post it on my FB wall and one of my friends clicks it and votes, it counts 1 vote and 1 bonus…that is how I interpret the rules.

  7. I wish SUNY would come up with a way to make this competition more equal among schools of all sizes. This sends a message of the biggest are the best and have the most spirit, which is many cases, is not the fact. Just because you have the highest enrollment doesn’t mean you have the most spirit!

    1. Buffalo and Stony Brook were knocked out pretty early. Think people were counter voting or those big schools just didnt mobilize early on?

  8. NO WAY! TOTAL BS! New Paltz did not lose…. MORE votes… STUPID Bonus scoring??? FIXED!!!! New Paltz… had the most votes last year and this year… and you found a way to knock us out… It started in the first round with the stupid ranking system…. and you knock us out so we could not defend the TITLE. Whatever… New Paltz Hawks!!! PROTEST!!!!!

      1. Definitely not, he has every right to be angry. New Paltz got more votes, those bonus points are stupid. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it on purpose to keep New Paltz from winning two years in a row….

        1. Or this is just a game and it’s rediculous to be that upset. Also, the bonus points make perfect sense… the idea is to build engagement amongst campuses and so they are rewarding interaction, not just clicks. Sharing goes beyond voting and shows participation, community, etc. He really just sounds like a sore loser… if New Paltz had fans as willing to engage in more than a vote, then they would have won. But they were not as willing.

    1. It was very unclear and not explained what these shares were and how they would count, especially being implemented in the middle of the tournament, not to mention during a set of key games. Also, people were already sharing beforehand, which gave them the votes aka I saw no point in adding this component to the competition; its hard enough getting people to go on and push that button.

      Generation SUNY has a lot on their plate and it must be remembered that it is hard enough to keep track of regular votes. Who would be in the finals was not clear until within minutes of the next round. the whole situation is awkward and a decision needed to be made. Whether or not it was valid, nobody knows. but for you, Jerry, it might help to remember New Paltz to this day has never been bested when it comes to votes, which is the real point of this competition. Until next year… GL to these two schools!

      1. The bonus points weren’t really explained in the last round so I don’t think it was fair. Nobody knew where or how the bonus points were being calculated. BrockPort got more bonus points than actual points. It was suppose to be whatever team got the most votes wins not the most bonus points. If the bonus points were better explained I wouldn’t have such an issue.

    2. Calm down Jerry….if that is your real name….Golden Eagles won fair and square through the contest rules, which includes bonus votes. We will not argue, we will just continue to soar!

      1. I feel you Jerry! I thought New Paltz had it to! @eaglewin to tell jerry to “calm down” may spark some revenge votes for Binghamton!

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