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7 SUNY Campuses Named Among Top “Return on Investment”

7 SUNY Campuses Ranked Among Nation's Highest Return on Investment 2013 by PayScale Inc.

Seven SUNY campuses’ return on investment (“ROI”) have been named among the top in the nation, according to ranking agency PayScale in its 2013 College Return on Investment (ROI) Report. The seven SUNY institutions, among the top 400 ranked, are some of the two dozen SUNY campuses named in the list. SUNY Maritime College ranks fifth over all, beating out every Ivy League school and both Maritime College and Stony Brook University have projected returns on investment of over a million dollars.

The results are based on an analysis of PayScale‘s 40 million career profiles; the report examines the return on investment at 1060 public and private colleges and universities in the United States and then ranks them in a comparison to investing money in other ways, like interest with a bank.

The seven SUNY campuses that are among the top 400, in reference to in-state tuition, are:

PayScale's College ROI list with SUNY schools

Click to browse the complete PayScale College ROI 2013 rankings


5. Maritime College
Maritime College is ranked fifth overall and seventh overall for out-of-state students. Maritime College’s value is superior, with a higher return on investment than every Ivy League school.

70. Stony Brook University
Stony Brook University is ranked in the top 100 returns on investment in the United States.

143. Binghamton University
Binghamton University is ranked in the top 150, which represents the top 10% of schools ranked by PayScale in this report.

265. University at Buffalo
University at Buffalo is among the four university centers to be recognized by PayScale.

310. Farmingdale State College
Farmingdale State College is the only state college to represent SUNY in the top 400.

344. University at Albany
University at Albany is the fourth SUNY university center to rank in the top 400 returns on investment, according to PayScale.

SUNYIT is the only technical college to represent SUNY in the top 400.


Many of these schools also scored on the report for out-of-state tuition, which is consistently recognized as presenting a “Great Value” for non-New York State students. These rankings reinforce the quality of SUNY institutions as a whole and the success of SUNY students. There are currently over 468,000 enrolled students and nearly 3 million alumni.

PayScale points out that this year, the Northeast Census region makes up the majority of the top 30 ROI schools; SUNY contributes with Maritime College being one of those and SUNY as a whole representing over 25 total rankings. In addition, 74 total schools on the list show a ROI of over a million dollars – both Maritime College and Stony Brook University are among that return bracket.

The SUNY schools represented in this list rank higher in ROI than schools such as Yale, Vanderbilt, George Washington University, Michigan State University, Quinnipiac and many more.

Click here to read all of the highlights from PayScale’s 2013 College Return on Investment Report or view all of the ROI rankings.

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    Written by Maxwell Morgan

    Maxwell was a Coordinator of Digital Engagement for The State University of New York.

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  • Iskondroid Iaa says:

    quality education just like gold . slow moving but will got that payoff at the end of days

  • Whole post is really informative for me and I’ve came to know more about investments. I’ll follow some of these for my own small business. Cheers!!!!!

  • Thanks for the information and all the stats for the payscale rankings. Very informative. Just had a few observations regarding the methodology. (my opinions of course).

    1. The rankings are based on summary/averaged out survey responses from employers and not necessarily from all the students on campus.

    2. Payscale or SUNY campuses generally don’t have effective employer assessment instruments in place that aggregate this type of data. For example, at one SUNY campus we service, the assessment of employer data related to new hires and career services is separated. At other SUNY campus that information isn’t even known to the CSO let alone when or where the student is hired.

    3. If PayScale is aggregating say SUNYIT actual tuition charge for 2012 and matching that up with actual new grad salaries, I say that’s great!

    You run the risk of not have correct data when relied on median and averaged out survey data.

    Luke Roopra

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