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5 Ways to Spend Leap Day This Year

February 2016 calendar

It’s a Leap Year. The once-every-four-years anomaly in which we have 366 days on our calendar. Because the earth actually takes 365¼ days to orbit the sun, an extra day occurs once every 4 years to keep our calendars in sync with the sun. But what does this mean for us? It means an extra 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, or 86,400 seconds to do everything you’ve been putting off. So how should you spend your Leap Day? Well, we have just a few suggestions.

1. Work on your New Year’s Resolution

Alright, this is it. The last day of the second month. How’s your New Year’s resolution going so far? Have you been working hard? Have you forgotten about it completely? Either way there’s no time like the present. This year you have one extra day to complete your resolution, don’t waste it! And if you need help achieving your goals, remember these 6 steps to help you keep your New Year’s Resolution.

2. Go to the gym, or just exercise

I get it. Going to the gym can be a drag. It’s cold outside and you don’t want to go out any more than you must. But it’s impossible to deny the positive effects of exercise on your body! So use these extra 24 hours to improve yourself. And if you absolutely don’t want to go out, there’s still a few workouts you can do inside.

3. See your Friends

There is nothing more important in life than the people you love. So what better way to spend your extra day than to surround yourself with your loved ones? And if you’re worried about balancing your social life with your busy schedule you may want to look into SUNY’s tips for balancing your social life.

4. Volunteer

It’s no secret that many SUNY students already donate much of their time to volunteer efforts locally and globally. But others still say they simply don’t have the time. But that’s no problem this year, you have plenty of extra hours to do some good. Maybe you can find organized efforts to give back to your community, like the Leap of Kindness Day in Saratoga County.

5. Catch up on your sleep

For many students, in the great balancing act of school life, sleep takes a heavy hit. But this year you have more time to sleep than ever. Of course, we’re not suggesting you sleep the whole 1,440 minutes, but a good night’s sleep may be just what you need. And if you have trouble falling asleep at night, we might have exactly the advice you need.


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Written by Kay Broughton

Kay is a student assistant with the SUNY Office of New Media. She is a University at Albany undergraduate working towards a double major in English and East Asian studies with a double minor in communications and film.

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