Money-Saving Tips for the Hard-Working Student

6 thoughts on “Money-Saving Tips for the Hard-Working Student

  1. College is usually the first time that students acquire independence, yet some students remain dependent on their parents’ financial support and advice. Proper financial education in high school is necessary to gain financial independence in college. I believe every college student should know about personal finance to make intelligent financial decisions.
    Managing a savings or checking account is a valuable learning experience, I think Basic training in personal finance will allow students to avoid these common mistakes and become more financially independent in college and throughout life.

  2. Thank you for the tips! I didn´t know where to start with saving money. I didn´t feel like investing time and energy into it to figure it out. But these tips are very useful! The 25 tips are great. Thanks!

  3. Hello
    These tips will be of immense help when you set out to do your higher studies in a place away from home. After paying the tuition fees and the charges for student accommodation facilities you would definitely want to do everything possible to keep your overall expenses low. Very helpful article!
    Thanks, Leong Siew

  4. hello serah shahar , your blog is very useful for student like us.The tips you provided are really good from which we can easily save the money and help our parents as well.

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