Michelle Miranda, associate professor at Farmingdale State College. stand in front of shelf of microscopes

Professor Takes Us Inside the Work of Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation

5 thoughts on “Professor Takes Us Inside the Work of Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation

  1. It’s interesting to learn that tattoos are looked at in forensic science investigations. My brother is wanting to get into the crime investigation industry and he was wondering what he can look for once he gets a job. I’ll be sure to tell him to study tattoos if he becomes a forensic scientist.

  2. This is a really inspiring post! Thaanks for that! Forensic science seems to really interesting. I would always love to read detective books where they describe those investigations and difficult cases. I believe a tattoo can say a lot about a person. Take any and you’ll find out some of person’s features.

  3. Interesting outlook and very thrilling post! I hate violence but love helping people, I dislike action movies but love thrillers! I am a psychologist student, I never thought I could be a forensic scientist but seems like all the leads point to that direction. I will keep myself posted while looking for the patterns thank you professor!

  4. It’s all about the details,

    I’ve been in the engineering field right out of High school in 1977. I started out as a drafter making detail drawings. I began making drawings at the age of 15 because my dad was in the field and brought drafting work home. I took an interest. My point? Paying attention to detail is a very important part of forensic science. Once I was picked to be part of a jury. I later found the prosecuting attorney wanted me on the jury. He felt because of my background I would be an influence on paying attention to the forensic evidence. I did. From distinctive footprints left by the defendants sneakers and other tell tail signs. It was a very interesting experience. I can see how tattoos can play a significant roll when paying close attention to detail. Oh…The defendant pleaded a deal in the long run. We would have found him guilty based on the evidence.

  5. Great post

    Young kids who watch TV shows on crime scene investigation really gets inspired and motivated to peruse their career as crime scene investigator.

    I too believe that tattoo can play a major role in investigating a crime scene.
    Feel really great by reading such knowledgeable posts.

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