SUNY Mascot Madness – Round 2

98 thoughts on “SUNY Mascot Madness – Round 2

  1. HOw the heck does one vote ?? I clicked on several apparnet talbs, but got nothing …

  2. I thought we were supposed to be able to vote every day???? This page hasn’t let me vote in over 4 days…. GO CARDS!

  3. What are the rules for voting? I read you can vote once every 24 hours but I haven’t been able to do that.

  4. Lets Go Brockport, Lets Go!!!!

    I graduated a few years ago and I just voted for the first time for many schools, including my alma mater.

    Golden Eagles all the way!!!!

  5. why does morrisville have more votes then brockport, and brockport has a higher ranking?

  6. Are we only allowed to vote once per week. I thought it was per day. I haven’t been able to vote for two days now.

  7. C-State Red Dragons all the way! Obviously no one is reading the “learn more about the mascots”. Blaze rocked it!!

  8. ESF-GO Oakie!!!!! Surely you are stronger than those wimps working against
    you. Besides, we should be garnering support from our own alumni!

  9. come on guys stop being so mean to maritime. they already have a tough time. hell we weren’t even mentioned in the SUNY song hahaha

  10. i actually go to maritime, but im honest and have to agree with ytram. something seems fishy about our votes.

  11. I’m sorry, but Maritime if flat out cheating. How can a school of 1668 students each vote once. This isn’t fair. I thought this was going to be a fun way to see which school could garner enough support, but it’s turned into trickery. They need to be disqualified.

    1. The Mascot Madness tournament can go beyond the campus in garnering support and communicating with Alumni, Community Supporters and campus Faculty and Staff as well as the student body.

      1. I agree with him above, like 8,000 is a little unbelievable like what was there numbers for the last one?

        1. like it has already been stated…the votes go beyond the campus. not only do the students care, but their friends and family. many of the students have been posting the link on facebook in an attempt to reach out to their friends and families…who-as you’ve noticed by the vote count-have been responding. 🙂

    2. I’m from Oneonta but I still voted for all the other teams who I thought should win. I dont have anything to do with Maritime. Think of how many people out there doing the same thing as me…

    3. The amount of pride we have at maritime is awesome – that plus our average starting salary after graduation – nbd

    4. So wait, you’re saying a smaller school, with 100% support from their students, should literally not be able to win against a larger school with 50% support? How is that fair?

    1. I agreee Blaze and Cortland .My friend is a asst pro at at Suny Cortland so I support him

  12. Go Cortland’s Blaze!! Who came first, Cortland’s Blaze or Oneonta’s? How come when you click on the “More about the Mascots” for Cortland, you get some lame excuse for not being able to find it??!!??

  13. I can’t believe we’re getting our butts kicked by Maritime. Where are the true SUNY G men and women? To quote Wordsworth: Up, Up My friends and quit your books, or surely you’ll grow double; up, up my friends and hit the net, or Maritime will make us ruble!”

  14. I am really upset with SUNY for this. How can you have a SUNY mascot madness if you are not having all the schools compete. I attend SUNY Albany and I do not see our mascot in this competition. What gives you the right to not let us compete?

    1. Is this only a 4-year university competition thing? I’m a bit disappointed that I’m not seeing the SUNY Broome hornet & I love my old school.

  15. I remember the first Cortland Red Dragon drawn by John Readon in the 1940s. His face had a pleasant, friendly appearance. I don’t care for the fierceness of the present Red Dragon. The fierceness should be reserved for the field where it can be displayed with vigor.

      1. Nothing stopping people from outside the school from rooting for the underdog. ESF is also small but it’s staying in the competition.

  16. I’m sorry, but there is no way a school of 1200 people can get 3000 votes. I feel like Maritime is up to some funny business.

  17. New Paltz Hawks!!! C-state and oneonta should be disqualified for having duplicate mascots

      1. At least New Paltz’s mascot is original!!! Cortland’s mascot was not originally the Red Dragons!!! Therefore New Paltz should beat them.

          1. We’re the one and only Hawks in this competition. The other ones are Cardinals and Eagles. Completely different things. Cortland and Oneonta are EXACTELY the same mascot. GO NEW PALTZ HAWKS

  18. Oneonta should be disqualified for not being original enough to come up with their own mascot…C-State!

  19. Brockport’s should say “Golden” Eages, since that’s really their mascot, the word “Eagles” has connotations with Philadelphia and that can’t be helping! Also golden eagles are pretty awesome birds.

  20. I have a special relationship to the Cortland Dragon having won the official dragon of the class of 1972 as Leader of the Red Team for Freshman Orientation Week. The entire class knew who I was and I dated the leader of the White Team for a while… I ended up living for 25 years in Europe, the Middle East and South America as well as San Francisco and Houston and I have no idea whatever happened to my Red Dragon…. anybody seen it??? 🙂

    1. An “OLD” Delta Kappa man agrees with Kappa Sigma…Go Red Dragons.
      Back when MRS Garner (of Garner’s Dorm for girls 1950’s) openedn an coffee shop downtown called it the “Red Dragon” I had an opportunity to work there with Windy Fuller and Cal Potwin.
      GO DRAGONS!!

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