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15 Stars Who Attended SUNY

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  1. Good to read about the exploits of some of these great alumni.They are a pride to us who went to that great institution. But please extend your telescope to other parts of the globe You will discover many other alumni who are contributing to social development in their lands.Diversity is at the soul of greatness and I am glad to have been a product of SUNY@Buffalo(1970-1973) which honored me as a distinguished alumnus in 2001.I have served my country Nigeria as Minister of Education in 1979 and Minister of Health in 1995. I have also taken part two times in trying to fashion a democratic Constitution for the country.
    Professor Ihechukwu Madubuike, Ph.D.;D.Litt.’LL.D(Hon)

  2. Actors Ving Rhames and Stanley Tucci were roommates for a time at Purchase

  3. Actor William (Billy) Baldwin (Flatliners, Backdraft, Sliver, etc.) was a student at Binghamton University (class of 1985), where he earned a degree in political science and competed as a varsity wrestler. In 2010, he was awarded with the University Medal, in recognition of distinguished service to the University, to higher education and to the larger community.

  4. Of course I’ll vote for Ellsworth. He’s in shape and has a positive attitude. As for all the stars of SUNY schools : i think it’s great to achieve what they have. God Bless them all and God Bless SUNY Colleges.

    thank you,
    Michele H. Sturtevant

  5. Another from SUNY Fredonia…
    “Mary McDonnell, Class of 1974, is a noted actress and was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in Dances with Wolves. She starred on the hit NBC series, ER, as John Carter’s mother and in the movies Battle Star Galactica and Independence Day.”

  6. There are many others! Dave Annable, a well-known actor who has appeared on such shows as Brothers and Sisters (with Sally Field, Calista Flockhart & Rob Lowe) attended SUNY Plattsburgh. Also famous actor Bill Pullman attended SUNY Delhi. SUNY New Paltz has many notable actors and actresses among its alumni, like JOhn Turtorro. It would have been nice if this piece did many of the schools instead of the same ones over and over, like FIT. Honestly, I don’t even think many people would know FIT is a SUNY school!

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