Mascot Madness

SUNY Mascot Madness 2014 – Round 1

37 thoughts on “SUNY Mascot Madness 2014 – Round 1

  1. SUNY Ulster –Hmmm, in the last hour you were getting around 25 votes every minute ……….. but then again, you are a politician so I’m you worked some magic.

  2. I dunno…. that last vote was only 400 votes away. Bush was only 1,784 votes ahead which was decreased to 327 after the re-count in Florida when he ran against Gore…… I think that there needs to be a special run off in order to fully ensure that justice is served here. We wouldn’t want to wrong the Ulster Senators, you know?

  3. How come the only “game” with a vote button was Game 1 at the top? My team’s further down and I can’t vote!

  4. There is something going on with the voting. I voted yesterday at 8am and it’s not letting me vote again.

    1. There has repeatedly been problems with the voting. I’m not sure all the mascots are getting a fair deal. I have had many instances this week of not being allowed to vote, although it had been more than 8 hours, and I am the only one using this IP address. What’s going on, SUNY?

  5. It is 845am on Tuesday and the only Game open for voting is #1. I just see the totals on all other games and I haven’t voted from this computer in over 24 hours. I thought voting for all games was until at least noon today – what’s up?

  6. In 1952 I voted for Hugo the Hawk to be SUNY New Paltz mascot. There was a real hawk owned by my biology professor.

    1. Just wondering, how old is Ellsworth this year? Still looks great and has my vote.
      Richard ’75

    1. This video is awesome! So much fun. Great job Ulster! You’ve got my vote in your category. From a fellow Hudson Valley school. #NewPaltzHawks #Hugo Suny #MascotMadness

  7. I am surprised that Tompkins-Cortland CC is not listed. They are a part of the SUNY system and they do have a mascot. What up?

  8. When you say “location” do you mean IP address, hence only one person can vote from a campus????

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